Talent Acquisition & Management

Talent Acquisition & Management is part of an organization’s broader Talent Strategy. It entails having the full gamut of Talent Management strategies and practices in place such as a tried and tested talent planning and Career Succession Planning system which will identify, nurture, develop and unlock the full potential of employees or soon-to-be employees that will keep the business growing and achieving both short and long term success.

Additionally, Talent Acquisition defers from Recruitment. Recruitment, simply put, is building a strong “pull factor” to attract potential candidates, defining job specification, best practices and techniques of sourcing for potential candidates which may include outsourcing services and contract employees to allow for the smooth functioning of the business.

Talent Acquisition, on the other hand, looks at the selection processes at a more in-depth level like competency based, psychometric and other personality profiling tools to match the best available candidate to the job at hand as well as potential job roles in the future. An additional area of Talent Acquisition includes looking into cross-country employment contracts, on-boarding, induction, relocation and expatriate arrangements (if applicable).

Our Talent Acquisition and Management service provides global candidate search capabilities and a comprehensive Talent Management system to sieve out high performers from key potentials.