Talent Development

In general, an organization’s Talent Management Strategy consists of attracting the right talents, development of talents to meet the demands of the job as well as plans to ensure that talents are motivated, have a visible career path and remain productive and loyal to the organization.

Talent Development is one component of the talent strategy that ensures that once the right candidates have been identified and inducted into their new roles, there is a structured plan to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work. Also, for existing employees who demonstrate high potential, there are corresponding plans in place to fast track and maximize their potential and escalate them to take on potential roles of higher responsibilities.

At Synapsez Talent & Organization Consulting, we are always cognizant that talent management initiatives have to support an organization’s overall business strategy. As such, our Talent Development approach is both customized for each and every client but follow the following methodology:

    • Analysing the development needs (DNA) of the organization at a regional and local level

    • Identifying and developing key competencies needed for each level of employees

    • Linking performance, reward management & developmental programs to key competencies identified

    • Capturing the results of the succession planning & talent review process and designing a structured curriculum and associated developmental programs for 1st level employees, managers, senior leaders as well as high potential candidates.

We also go against traditional belief that all talent development activities have to happen in a classroom or formalized environment. Contrary to that, we advocate a 80/20 rule of learning; 80% being experiential learning and 20% formalized classroom training. Synapsez Talent & Organization Consulting has the expertise to design talent development programs based on these principles.